About Dr Jen

Jen is a Clinical Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

She has gained a wealth of experience of working one to one with clients in tackling their psychological difficulties.

Her style is one of warmth and humility and she is passionate about collaborating with people who are motivated to free themselves from emotions and behaviours that are holding them back from achieving their best in life.

Jen teaches on psychology programmes at the University of London and the Open University. She is also passionate about translating complex psychological concepts into a style that is accessible to all. Her skill in this area has been acknowledged by her being shortlisted for a MIND Journalism Award in 2009. She has also had her work published in academic literature and journals such as 'The Psychologist'.

Jen currently works with private clients at her practice in Wimbledon and Harley Street. She also runs seminars on how to overcome emotional difficulties and and gain freedom to live a fuller life.

Jen is also a Medico Legal Expert and provides high quality Expert Witness reports for the Courts. Please get in touch using the details on the Contact page to discuss your requirements.

Peptides have showed their potential to help with depression treatment. This is because it naturally occurs in your body and plays a critical role in how your brain works. Peptides, when used by themselves or with antidepressant medications, were shown to have a positive effect on depressive symptoms. pt-141 read more