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Creating a Successful Practice ‘Online’
Workshop in a Box

Are you interested in creating e-books and audio programmes to reach and help more clients, but are not sure how to start? This at home study system contains all of the content taught at my sold out workshops in London — a full-length audio of me talking you through the workshop content, the accompanying PowerPoint slides, recommended resources, and a full set of blank worksheets and checklists, so you can follow along as if you were actually there in person!

You will be equipped with a ‘blueprint’ to build your own online presence, making a passive income by delivering products and programmes to the client group you most enjoy serving. Whether you already have a website or don’t know where to start; if you have heard about my popular workshops, but find it difficult to take time out of your schedule to join me, then this option is perfect for you. Click here to learn more.

Online Building Blocks Monthly Programme

Online Building Blocks is a monthly audio programme that teaches you each of the essential steps of setting up an online practice, one small step at a time. Topics include creating and designing a website for passive income, creating your first e-book, taking payments online, how to have your materials sold on Amazon. and much, much more. Online Building Blocks is a series of 45+ minute recorded audio classes, each with an accompanying workbook, including all the worksheets, self-study tasks, and homework to implement in order to put into practice what you are learning.

One ‘building block' is covered per month, with each topic building on the next. This ensures the process is broken up into manageable, bite size chunks you can work on independently, at a time that suits you best, and at a very affordable price! Click here to learn more.

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